Smoke Wizard®
Smoke Pro®
Smoke Wizard® uses new technology
to make smoke - a real
Bosch Glow Plug
Redline Smoke Pro uses a wick
(Much like you might find in a Tiki Torch)
Smoke Wizard® has a Vacuum Gauge
Smoke Pro does NOT!
Vacuum decay is required for natural vacuum decay testing. Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Toyota & many others have vacuum self-test systems.
Photo of actual customer's Total-Tech used a few times & the wick
is already diminishing.
Photo of actual customer's Total-Tech showing smoke emitting from the pressure gauge - not the hose!
(hose disconnected by itself)
Smoke Wizard's® Flow Meter
Displays to 0.010"
Smoke Pro only displays to 0.020"
Smoke Wizard's flow meter is full-sized and can measure a 0.010".
(Visibility to .005")
Like Chrysler now requires!
Smoke Wizard® has a
Filter/Water Separator
Smoke Pro does NOT!
Smoke Wizard®  is the only compact smoke machine that has an internal water filter! Protects machine & vehicle systems from contaminants. (Keeps flow meter clean).
Smoke Wizard® has an
Auto Shut-off Safety Solenoid
Smoke Pro does NOT!
Without this feature, gasoline fumes could exit the EVAP system and fill your work bay.
A potential explosion!
Smoke Wizard® uses
Patented OEM Approved Technology
Smoke Pro does NOT!
Smoke Wizard’s Patented UltraTraceUV® is highly refined, includes UV Dye, and is approved by every OEM using smoke today There isn’t an OEM in the world that has approved ‘baby oil’.
SMOKE PRO Takes Hours to Drain
if it's Tipped Over - HOURS!!
(It's even in their manual!)
Smoke Wizard® can lay down with NO PROBLEM!  Can you afford to be down for hours or until the next DAY?
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Redline Smoke Pro Total-Tech vs Smoke Wizard EVAP Automotive Smoke Machine